Hello all,
How are your holidays been going so far?
For those who are already back, I hope you are all doing well,.. and for those who are about to leave now,.. wish you all enjoy your holidays and recharge your batteries 🙂
I’m already back in Sevilla and, to heat the engines of the toastmasters´s followers, I want to share with you my visit to ROSEMASTERS Toastmasters club. While I was on vacations I joined the Toulouse´s Toastmasters Club meeting. I want to thank all the Rosemasters´ members their welcome; THANK YOU! I felt part of the group and it was great fun to participate in improvisations.
For those who still don´t know it, I should mention that it is possible to visit the clubs within the Toastmasters International network and participate in their meetings.
For many reasons, the travels through toastmasters clubs are an enriching experience. Firstly, it’s agreat way to meet people from othercities or countries who share the interest in improving communication and leadership skills. Also, it is a great opportunity to practice speaking other languages in a friendly environment. And finally, if for whatever reason you move to another country, you can join the local club and continue with your development wherever you are.
It was a very interesting meeting. Rosemasters is a five-years-old club which has both a substantial experience and several awards as a club. If you look carefully the photo you will appreciate several ribbons on their Club´s flag showing their merits. In Toastmasters Seville we have just won one distinction as Distinguished Club and It was as a lot of work, so seeing that many ribbons in Rosemasters´ flag was impressive and inspiring for me,.. I thought, we can learn a lot from them! 🙂
Another aspect that called my attention was the fact that their meetings are bilingual French-English. On one hand, each participant chooses the language to communicate and on the other hand, they have two grammatical evaluators to give feedback to participants in both languages. It is a great fun as well as a good exercise to improve the English or French practice.
I enjoyed the experience and I want to visit Rosemasters Toastmasters club again next time I go to Toulouse.
And those are the last news from Toastmasters Seville so far,..  see you in September 🙂


Greetings to all
TM Sevilla