Capacity of resolution and ingenuity

Capacity of resolution and ingenuity could be the leitmotiv of last Toastmaster Seville session.

And this is, because the toastmaster of the day, Rafa Berjillos, in the absence of an evaluator for Chema’s speech, invited volunteers from the auditory to express their opinion about. It was an unprecedented and fruitful experience for all the participants, as this new way of evaluation. It also proved to be a very effective modality to learn ones from the others how to give effective evaluations.

Chemas’s speech was centred on the work of the former officer team of Toastmasters Seville. He focused specially on Penelope and Isabelle, recognizing their implication, and merit for having taken the club to the level where it is today.

The Table Topic section was headed by Elena Tolmos , who with her usual elegance and sense of humour,invited some participants to get the scene. They all exercised their capacity to give impromptu speech, on some very simple but original themes.

Grammarian role was assumed by Javier whom feedback was very clear, accurate and coherent about the use of English. His feedback was followed by Pablo’s, who took up the role of Body Language evaluator. His delivery impressed us by the meticulousness of his observations, and also by his spontaneity in expressing with his body when English words were not present in his vocabulary. This is an example that, in Toastmasters, it doesn’t matter if you are not fluent in English. Everybody is there to learn and perfect their communication skills. Andri took the role of time controler, very important since participants have to respect a specific segment of time when delivering a speech. The session was closed by Monalisa’s general evaluation, outstanding all the points expressed here up.

A very rich session where the desire to learn and improve communication skills was together with the ingenuity. Just add some sense of humour and good vibes of the participants and you get the final result.

Congratulations to everybody. We wait for you at our next session.